Walking on a frozen beach – Nallikari Beach, Oulu

Walking on a frozen beach – Nallikari Beach, Oulu

December 12, 2023 0 By travelfromaustralia

Kivijärvi to Oulu

5th January, 2023

The drive from Kivijärvi was really nice. It was easy driving on clear roads with beautiful landscapes to enjoy. We ate leftover pizza in the car and arrived in Oulu at around 2:15pm. Just in time to be able to explore Nallikari beach, in the daylight. 

Never did I imagine staying at a coastal location in -9°C where not only was there snow for sand, but there was also ice for water!!! We weren’t walking on frozen lakes. We were walking on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia!! 

We walked on the ‘sand’ and the ‘water’, up the lighthouse, marvelled at what we were looking at and what we were doing. Such an incredible experience! The top layer was crunchy and in fact, thick enough to hold the weight of the boys in some parts, but for Geoff and I we went straight through it with a jolt. It was a little unnerving at times but we trusted what we were seeing of others being much further out than we were and kept going! Another pinch yourself moment!

Oulu in winter

We checked into Nallikari Holiday Village and found we were staying in a beach cabin. It was so bizarre staying in a beach themed cabin in such cold temperatures surrounded by snow! 

When we were walking on the ocean we noticed there was a restaurant, Nallikari Restaurant, so we booked in there for dinner. We felt a little ridiculous dining in a nice restaurant in our snow gear and travel clothes. Oh well, I guess that is the way it is when you travel!

We shared a plate of mussels and chips for entree, then ate delicious meals for main. Geoff ate salmon, Finn ate trout and chips, Taj had chicken breast and chips and I ate sauteed reindeer, mash potato and pickled cucumber – amazing!

We had another early night, with only a couple of outdoor checks for the Northern Lights (too cloudy), ready for another departure day the next day.

Oulu to Copenhagen

6th January, 2023

Up and at it, we were mostly packed already as we hadn’t really unpacked anything. Our biggest challenge was to get everything into our bags to fly! We managed surprisingly well, although we were all carrying our jackets which on the way over, they had been in our bags. This was inevitable though.

Oulu Finland

We also had to farewell the sleds!! We couldn’t take them any further so it was time to say goodbye. The boys were so good about it, really. In an ideal world they would have loved to have been able to bring them home, but they understood why they couldn’t, so said their goodbyes and wished them well with their next family!

We left Nallikari Holiday Village and made our way to Oulu Airport, checked in easily and found ourselves a spot to set up for the three hours we had to wait for our flight. The lounge area at the airport was most impressive! Couches, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, lots of power stations, a book exchange, even a piano to play! We were also fortunate enough to be able to watch the sun rise! We had the airport lounge to ourselves for an hour and a half before other passengers started arriving for the flight – it is a small airport.

Oulu sunrise