The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang

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The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang

Where is Koh Chang?

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located in the Gulf of Thailand, near the Cambodian border. It is approximately 300km east of Bangkok, the the Trat Province. The translation of Koh Chang is Elephant Island and is name this because of the its elephant shaped headland. Koh Chang is part of Mu Ko Chang National Park.

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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Bangkok to Koh Chang

The trip from Bangkok to Koh Chang differs depending on your mode of transport you choose. You can travel by plane, bus, mini-bus, express-bus or taxi. The duration by road depends greatly on the traffic and can range anywhere from 5 and a half hours.

Due to the time it can take to get there, many people opt to stop somewhere along the way for a night, to ensure they have plenty of time. Although Pattaya is not half way or on the direct route, it is a popular stop for tourists who are looking to explore different parts of Thailand.

For those in a hurry to get there or who are not interested in taking the journey by road, the plane is the best option.


Trat ferry to Koh Chang and Koh Chang ferry timetable tips

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Thailand Travel Tips

If you decide to travel by road, the final stage will be the Trat ferry to Koh Chang, this can add an additional half an hour to the trip from Bangkok. The Trat ferry to Koh Chang is a pedestrian and vehicle ferry.

Be sure to check the Koh Chang ferry timetable for departure times and plan your trip around this. While the Trat ferry is well used and been running for years, you are best to also make contact on the day, to make sure that they and you are on schedule. Also, allow plenty of time so that you are there well before the departure time – there is nothing worse than standing seaside watching your ferry glide away from you!

Things to do in Koh Chang

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Thailand Getaway

A holiday in Thailand’s Koh Chang will take visitors to an original and traditional holiday location of Thai’s. It is different to the busy tourist islands in the south and well worth your consideration for your next Thailand island holiday.

Koh Chang has a great number of restaurants serving a variety of local cuisine at a very reasonable price. The main road through the island, shows off some the Koh Chang’s shopping strip. Be sure to wander down the smaller streets to find some interesting stalls and genuine local arts and crafts.

The beaches in Koh Chang

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang., Thailand
Bang Bao Beach

The beaches in Koh Chang are absolutely a highlight. Take the time to cruise around the island on a motorbike, explore by local bus or on foot and discover your own piece of a beautiful Koh Chang beach.

It is hard to choose where to go first – here is a list of some of the best beaches in Koh Chang:

  • Khlong Prao Beach
  • Kai Bae Beach
  • White Sand Beach
  • Bang Bao Beach
  • Lonely Beach
  • Kong Koi Beach
  • Ko Wai Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Ko Klum Beach
  • Ko Laoya Beach
  • Klong Kloi Beach
  • Chai Chet Beach
  • Wai Chaek Beach
  • Bailan Beach
  • Klong Son Beach
The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Thailand Travelers

Kayaking, sun lounging, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, paddling and beach volleyball are among the outdoor activities you will find on the beaches of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang Waterfalls

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Waterfalls

Klong Plu Waterfall is a must for any visitors to the island. It is managed by the National Park, so you need to pay an entry, however, this easily accessible waterfall is worth a look.

It is located near the west beaches on the island and is great place to cool off on a hot day and have a swim in the large plunge pool or the smaller pools down stream. Although it is a great spot, in high season it can get very busy, so the earlier in the day you can visit the better, to avoid the crowds.

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Travel Hacks

Khlong Nonsi Waterfall known as a hidden gem and a Koh Chang waterfall to enjoy at most times throughout the day. Khlong Nonsi waterfall is not as easily accessible as Klong Plu waterfall and therefore not as busy! If you can, hire a motorbike and head across the island to enjoy the spacious pools for a swim.

Than Mayom Waterfall is another popular Koh Chang waterfall that if you should visit if you can! Hire a motorbike and take the trip to Than Mayom waterfall. You will enjoy the quieter plunge pools, soaking up the sun and jumping into the pools.

Koh Chang accommodation

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang - Koh Chang accommodation

One thing Koh Chang accommodation boasts, is the wide range of choices for all budgets. There is a popular backpacking scene, right through to luxury resorts.

Beach side huts are very popular and are dotted across the edges of the islands at a very reasonable price. Most of them provide an ensuite and air conditioning as well as the bonus of waking up to the sounds of water lapping up on the bank of the beach.

The Best Things To Do In Koh Chang

Many Koh Chang accommodation providers will also have an onsite restaurant available. The range in prices and authenticity will vary, however, there are plenty of great choices to make your trip perfect for your preferences!

Here is a list of Koh Chang accommodation well worth a look:

Bungalow accommodation:

Hotel accommodation:

Villa and Homestay accommodation:

Where to next?

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