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Easidry Travel Mat Review

Easidry Travel Mat because every journey deserves the luxury of a dry and cosy post-shower moment! There’s nothing quite like the comfort and luxury of a hot shower or a relaxing bath after a long day of exploration or a tedious journey. However, the post-shower experience can quickly turn into a damp disappointment when you…

By travelfromaustralia June 16, 2024 0

Tesalate Beach Towel Review

In all honesty, I did wonder whether it was possible for these magnificently fun, colourful and beautifully designed products could really be as good as they say they are. Well the truth is, my Tesalate beach towels are my most favourite beach towels I have ever had, I am now recommending them to everyone!  Don’t…

By travelfromaustralia February 11, 2024 0