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Authentic Rovaniemi Excursion – Visit Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park – The Best Ice Skating Winter Park, Rovaniemi Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is world renowned for being the ultimate Lapland Christmas destination for its winter wonderland, the home of Santa Claus himself and having access to some of the most unique northern winter experiences available around the world. Popular…

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Lapland Discounts

Find here a list of Lappish businesses who are working with us to provide you a discounted experience in Lapland! Please keep checking back in while we continue to update this list. Tour companies Wild About Lapland – offer our readers a 10% discount on their winter to ours: Northern Lights Wilderness Tour, Ice Fishing, Snowshoeing,…

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Lapland Travel Journals & Notebooks

MY LAPLAND ADVENTURE SERIES Embark on your Lapland adventure with our Lapland Travel Journals and Notebooks! Are you ready to capture the magic of Lapland, Finland, in your own words and sketches? Introducing our series of “My Lapland Adventure” travel journals and notebooks, designed for both adults and children to document their Lappish adventures in…

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