Visit Singapore on a budget

Visit Singapore on a budget

March 9, 2024 0 By travelfromaustralia

Singapore is a popular country and city to visit from Australia, however, unfortunately is renowned for being an expensive country. Many people ask, “Is Singapore expensive to visit?” My response is typically, “It can be, but you can explore Singapore on a budget.” I would argue that it is the same as any other country you travel to, you can always travel on a budget, it may just mean doing it differently to others and perhaps even mean compromising and sometimes going without items that you would like to have! If you’re looking for budget travel to Singapore, then read on! This article is all about budget travel to Singapore and cheap or free things to do in Singapore! So, get your travel to Singapore budget sorted and get yourself there to experience some of the greatness that Singapore has to offer!

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Out and about – Singapore budget itinerary!

There are loads of great places to see in Singapore that will cost you absolutely nothing! Read below for some of our favourites!

Haji Lane is one of the coolest streets in Singapore. If you haven’t been, make sure you add it to your list! With cool bars, colourful street art, boutique shops and photobooth shops, this is a street that can’t be missed. The laneway itself is not huge but it is a great place to stop for a quick bite, cold drink or a handmade ice-cream and just watch the world go by!

Merlion Park is home to Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue, is a must-visit for budget travellers looking for a glimpse of Singapore’s culture and history without spending a cent! The park offers stunning views of Marina Bay and the city skyline, making it a great spot for budget-friendly sightseeing and photography. You can also learn about the mythical creature that is a symbol of Singapore’s heritage and identity.

The Marina Bay Shopping Centre is a shopper’s paradise, with an array of boutiques, department stores, and specialty shops offering everything from fashion and accessories to electronics and souvenirs. After a day of shopping, visitors can indulge in a wide variety of cuisines at the food court, which offers a range of local and international dishes at affordable prices.

Marina Bay in Singapore is a must-visit destination for travellers looking to experience the city’s vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and diverse culinary scene. The Marina Bay Sands complex, with its iconic hotel, casino, and shopping mall, offers a luxurious shopping experience with a wide range of international and designer brands.

From Marina Bay you can take in views of the city skyline and the waterfront, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, a romantic evening or an opportunity to watch the world go by.

Art Science Museum – FAMILY FRIDAY

Visit the Art Science Museum on a Friday to enjoy a complimentary child for each paying adult – Family Friday discount! This is a great bonus and one you should definitely make the most of! Family Friday at Singapore’s Art Science Museum made our visit far more affordable and fit into our activity budget!

If visiting one of the exhibitions doesn’t fit your budget, take the time to visit the building anyway. It is creative and carefully crafted to become one of the more interesting visible features on Marina Bay. Look out for the giant circular mirror outside which reflects on both sides – it is very clever indeed. The building reflections off the water outside the Museum are equally as impressive.

Get your tickets to the Art Science Museum here!

Bicycle hire Singapore for a budget travel option

Bicycles in Singapore offer visitors an excellent way to explore the city-state’s vibrant streets, lush greenery and iconic landmarks, all while staying within a budget. Singapore’s extensive network of bike paths and dedicated cycling lanes makes it incredibly easy and safe to navigate the city on two wheels. Cyclists in Singapore are also highly respected, making biking a pleasant and stress-free experience for all ages.

One of the best ways to see Singapore on a budget is by renting a bike and setting off to explore the city. With numerous bike rental shops scattered throughout the city, getting your hands on a bike is both convenient and affordable. You’ll find that Singapore’s well-maintained bike paths offer a smooth and scenic ride, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city at your own pace.

If you’re not keen on cycling independently, check out some great bike tour options where you are bound to discover some hidden gems!

Biking in Singapore is not only a budget-friendly way to see the city but also a fun and immersive way to experience its unique blend of modernity and tradition.

We recommend contact the crew at Unspokin’ – for more information and a discount code when booking with them, click HERE!

Night tours in Singapore

Singapore offers a range of affordable night tours that cater to budget travellers, providing them with the opportunity to experience the city’s nightlife without breaking the bank. Whether you’re interested in art and culture or simply want to enjoy the city lights, Singapore has something to offer for everyone.

For those interested in exploring Singapore’s cultural heritage, the Chinatown Night Market is a must-visit. Here, budget travellers can sample a variety of local street food and shop for souvenirs, all while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of this historic district.

For budget travellers looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Singapore, there are several affordable night tours available that offer a glimpse into the city’s bustling nocturnal scene. One popular option is the Singapore Night Festival, which takes place annually and features a variety of performances, art installations, and light shows, all free of charge!

Another budget-friendly night tour is the Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show – SPECTRA, a spectacular display of lights, water, and music that takes place every evening. This show is free for all to enjoy and offers a stunning view of the city skyline.

SPECTRA at Marina Bay

SPECTRA, Marina Bay’s exquisite water and light show is a 15-minute show that tells a four part story of how Singapore became the cosmopolitan city it is today. The various fountains, orchestral music and colourful lights make for spectacular viewing.

Spectra is FREE and should be on everyone’s list of things to do in Singapore!

The best viewing is from Event Plaza and is on nightly at a range of times:
Sun – Thu: 8pm & 9pm
Fri & Sat: 8pm, 9pm & 10pm

You’re best to get there a little early to get a front row viewing position. There are two levels at Event Plaza. The lower level viewers do get a little wet during the show.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions and offers a stunning experience for budget travellers, especially at night when the Supertrees light up in a dazzling display of colours. While there is an admission fee to access certain areas of the gardens, budget travellers can still enjoy the beauty of the Supertrees, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest for free.

The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay for free is in the evening when the Supertrees come alive with a mesmerising light and sound show called the Garden Rhapsody. This nightly spectacle is a must-see for budget travellers looking to experience the beauty of Singapore’s gardens at night without spending a dime.

Singapore on a budget

Additionally, the outdoor gardens and waterfront promenade are open to the public for free and offer a peaceful retreat from the city. Budget travellers can wander through the gardens, enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline, and marvel at the beauty of the Supertrees, making Gardens by the Bay a must-visit destination for those looking to experience Singapore’s natural beauty on a budget.

If you want to access any of the paid areas of Gardens by the Bay, you can buy your tickets here!

Eating in Singapore on a budget

Singapore offers a plethora of budget-friendly dining options, making it possible for budget travellers to enjoy the city’s diverse culinary scene without overspending. Hawker centres are a great choice, offering a wide array of local dishes at affordable prices, typically ranging from $3 to $6 per meal. Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Complex Food Centre are among the popular choices for budget-friendly eats.

For a taste of Singapore’s street food, head to areas like Chinatown, Little India, or Kampong Glam, where you’ll find an abundance of food stalls offering affordable and delicious dishes.

Budget travellers can expect to spend around $15 to $30 AUD per day on food in Singapore, depending on their dining preferences and the number of meals eaten out.

Budget hotels Singapore

When it comes to finding budget accommodation in Singapore, there are plenty of options to choose from that won’t break the bank. For travellers looking for budget-friendly hotels, Ibis Singapore is a great choice. With its comfortable rooms and convenient locations, it offers good value for money.

For those on a tighter budget, Singapore also has a variety of budget hostels that cater to backpackers and budget-conscious travellers. These hostels offer dormitory-style accommodation at affordable rates, making them ideal for solo travellers or those traveling in groups.

When deciding where to stay in Singapore on a budget, consider areas like Little India, Chinatown, or Bugis, as they offer a range of budget accommodation options and are well-connected to public transportation, making it easy to explore the city without spending a fortune.

Overall, the cost of a Singapore trip for a family can vary depending on the choice of accommodation and activities. However, by choosing budget-friendly options like hostels or budget hotels, families can enjoy a comfortable stay in Singapore without breaking the bank.

We loved our stay at Ibis Joo Chiat and would highly recommend it! After loads of researching we found this to be the best price and I tell you what, it was such a great surprise when we got there because Joo Chiat is an awesome little suburb. Off the main tourist trail but a beautiful little historical street with great cafes, laundromats, bars, shopping centre and supermarket, you really can’t go wrong! We will definitely stay at Ibis Joo Chiat next time we are in Singapore.

Singapore transport

Most people arriving in Singapore will fly into Changi Airport, others may come the short distance from Malaysia by bus, train or car over the bridge. Either way, there there are options – Singapore is a really easy country to get around.

By public transport in Singapore you can utilise buses or trains. Both boast being comfortable, easy to navigate and accessible to all abilities.

Both Grab and Taxi’s are great options for getting around in Singapore, as are private chartered vehicles. Grabs can surprisingly be a cheap transport option in Singapore and certainly be more convenient if time is not on your side, or like us, you sometimes had kids who just couldn’t handle another walk to the a bus or train late at night.

For a budget Singapore trip, typically the cheapest option will be public transport, however, when travelling as a family, it is also worth considering a Grab (typically cheaper than a taxi) as multiple public transport tickets sometimes cost the same as a Grab ride. Download the Grab app before you go and compare the prices as you go.

As I’ve mentioned before, “budget travel to Singapore” is not a phrase you often hear, but it is possible. Singapore is an easy city to get around and there are a number of lovely sites to see all within a small area. Singapore has a great vibe and sometimes just sitting by Marina Bay watching the world go by is pretty cool in itself!