How To Start A Blog Australia

How To Start A Blog Australia

March 27, 2021 0 By travelfromaustralia

How To Start A Blog Australia

Do you love writing, taking photos and travelling? If you do, you sound like me – that is the reason I got into blogging. I had been considering navigating my way through the online blogging world, but really had to idea where to start. I’m sure there are others out there like me, so I have compiled a guide for how to start a blog Australia.

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How To Start A Blog Australia – DNW

After lots of reading and research, free courses and challenges, I decided to learn the world of blogging through Digital Nomad Wannabe (DNW). I started with the 5-day goal setting challenge – it is free and it gave me a good taste of what more training with DNW would be like.

How To Start A Blog Australia - DNW

I liked Sharon, the master behind DNW. She is relatable, knowledgeable, supportive and to the point. I like that in a person and a trainer.

I bought my domain and hosting, then started writing. I had no idea how on earth I was meant to write or what I was meant to write, so I just started. In the meantime, I also joined DNW 7-day link building challenge (also free) and the Facebook Group. That opened my eyes up to a whole lot and it also made me start writing with intent – it was great practice.

By this point I decided that I really needed extra guidance and as a result, I committed and enrolled in the DNW Build Blog Freedom Fast Track course. I didn’t have a whole lot of money to invest into it but decided that if I was going to give this blogging-thing a really good go, then I needed to learn from the best (reputable and successful).

How to start a blog Australia.

I have no regrets going with Digital Nomad Wannabe. Sharon is often putting out free challenges, she has a fantastic podcast which I love to listen to and I’ve also found her free chapter Sponsored Posts really helpful.

Twelve months later, I have been back and done the free SEO Bootcamp to give myself a little refresh, too.


How To Start A Blog Australia - DNW

I bought my domains through Name Silo for .com and Crazy Domains for my sites. As well as considering SEO in my domain name, I will also always buy the .com version of so that no one else can take the name.

Crazy Domains ‘chat’ have been fantastic and they have helped me with some of what is probably the easiest of problems!

When choosing your domain, make sure you consider SEO, branding and interest level. Does it sound like an interesting page? That is typically the first thing people will see.

Domain Registration


How To Start A Blog Australia - Hosting

I’ve been using Siteground to host my domains – they are well regarded and have been easy to use and operate. The help team at Siteground have fantastic, they’ve been so helpful in getting things set up for me and ready to go live.

Once I registered with Siteground, I need to install WordPress. To do this, I went to CPanel, then clicked on WordPress Installer. I then chose the domain for which I wanted to install, filled in the username and password, then clicked installed and it is as easy as that!

Once you have your domain name and hosting, you need to connect the two of them together. I contacted my domain provider via the chat box and asked them to connect to the Name Server using Sitegrounds NS (name server).

Get Legal

How To Start A Blog Australia - Get legal

I am so grateful for the Legal Bundle Value Pack, it has made making my site legal so much easier. The tutorials are easy to follow and gets the job done quickly. It has given me great peace of mind, knowing that my site is legal. The Legal Bundle Value Pack includes:

  • Privacy Policy template and walk-through
  • Terms & Conditions template
  • Disclaimers template
  • Disclosures template 
  • Lifetime access to current and future versions


Pinterest for new bloggers has been a saviour to me. I kept hearing about Pinterest and how valuable it was and yes it certainly is! I get lots of site traffic from my Pins; however, when I started I really didn’t know what I was doing, so fumbled my way through. I have learnt lots of great tips that have helped me be more productive in my Pins. Next up, I plan to do From P to T – from Pinning to Targeting visitors, for more direction and specified Pinning.


For all of my Instagram tricks and tips, I have been doing Macs Explore Insta-Success. I love this course and I love the support group that Christina has established.

Logo and Images

I used Fiverr to create my logo and love Canva for creating Pins and other images for social media.

How To Start A Blog Australia - Be a blogger