Easidry Travel Mat Review

Easidry Travel Mat Review

June 16, 2024 Off By travelfromaustralia

Easidry Travel Mat because every journey deserves the luxury of a dry and cosy post-shower moment!

There’s nothing quite like the comfort and luxury of a hot shower or a relaxing bath after a long day of exploration or a tedious journey. However, the post-shower experience can quickly turn into a damp disappointment when you step onto a towel soaked with water from the wet bathroom floor. Fortunately, the solution to this age-old problem has arrived and it comes in the form of the innovative Easidry Travel Mats – our new best friend in the world of travel hygiene and convenience. Best of all, this amazing travel mat is made here in Australia and are grateful to Easidry Travel Mats who gifted us one to review for our readers.

Easidry travel mat

Easidry Travel Mats are made locally in the home of an Australian entrepreneur who identified a gap in the travel market and solved the problem with her product. It always feels good to be supporting small Australian businesses and this is no exception!

Easidry Travel Mats is now on my list of must have travel items for travelling in Australia, I love that it offers a combination of practicality and style! The defining feature of these travel mats is the soft plastic backing sewn onto the back of the towel. This design ensured that we never have to endure the discomfort of stepping onto a wet towel again. The soft plastic backing acts as a protective barrier, keeping the towel dry and ready for a comfortable post-shower experience.

One of the standout features of the Easidry Travel Mat is its portability. These mats are designed to roll up effortlessly, making them a perfect addition to our bathroom necessities. The compact size means we will be able to carry them wherever our adventures take us, ensuring that our home-away-from-home experience is consistently comfortable and dry. Whether you’re using it in your caravan, motel/hotel or in a shared bathroom block, Easidry Travel Mats are ideal.

Easidry Travel Mat Australia

I love that the Easidry Travel Mats have been created with the user’s convenience in mind. The rope tie allowed me to securely roll up the mat for transporting and after use, I was comforted by the ability to roll it up in a way that even if the towel was damp, it would not wet anything else in my bag due to the plastic backing. Additionally, the inclusion of a handy loop makes hanging the travel mat on a hook a breeze, ensuring quick drying and easy access.

To ensure the longevity of an Easidry Travel Mat, a bit of care is required which may or may not suit travellers. The mats are designed for handwashing; in my experience, they dry quickly ready for their next use making it a reliable travel accessory.

Beyond their functional benefits, Easidry Travel Mats make a stylish statement – I have to say I felt very swish heading into the beach shower block with my special foot towel! There are a range of colour options and patterns which I love because if you’re like me and enjoy your products making some sort of statement, you can get the vibe you’re looking for with your mat.

So, I am saying goodbye to the woes of stepping onto a wet (and sometimes mucky) towel after a refreshing shower – Easidry Travel Mats have revolutionised the travel hygiene experience! I don’t think it will be long before Easidry Travel Mats will be inundated with orders from travellers right across Australia. They will make the perfect shower block companion, a great gift to your travel loving friend, or, to be honest, they would also go really nicely in a family bathroom if you have kids like ours who often don’t manage to keep the water in the shower!