Unspokin’ – Bike Rental Singapore

Unspokin’ – Bike Rental Singapore

March 9, 2024 0 By travelfromaustralia

Are you looking to explore the vibrant streets and scenic landscapes of Singapore on two wheels? Not only is it a great adventure, it is also a great way to see Singapore on a budget! Look no further than Unspokin’, a professional bike shop that offers top-notch bike rentals for visitors eager to experience the city at their own pace. Unspokin’ is not just a rental business; they also maintain all their bikes and provide their own servicing, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable ride every time! Unspokin provides the best bike rental Singapore has to offer!

Unspokin’ offers a range of options for bike rentals, including children’s seats for family adventures and helmets that are free with every booking to ensure your safety. You can rent bikes by the hour, day, or week, with the longer durations offering cheaper rental costs. All the rental options are conveniently listed on the Singapore Bicycle Rental website.

Unspokin’ is committed to cleanliness and maintenance. All bikes are cleaned and washed after every use, ensuring that you have a clean and well-maintained bike for your ride. This attention to detail sets Unspokin’ apart from other rental businesses and guarantees a positive biking experience for all visitors.

In addition to bike rentals, Unspokin’ also offers bike transport services for their bikes. If you prefer to have your bike delivered to and picked up from your accommodation, Unspokin’ can arrange that for you at a cost, adding convenience to your biking adventure in Singapore.

So, if you’re looking for bike rental in Singapore, look no further than Unspokin’! Rent a bike with Unspokin’ and discover the beauty of Singapore on two wheels. Whether you’re exploring the city’s bustling streets or enjoying its scenic parks and waterfronts, biking with Unspokin’ is the perfect way to experience Singapore’s charm and beauty.

Pick up and drop off of our Unspokin’ bikes was super easy! The Unspokin’ team were easy to communicate with, really helpful and great with the kids while they were getting themselves sorted with their bikes. Before we left, they gave us some advice about which way to head to get to the city and provided us with the confidence to take to the Singapore bike paths with ease.

Unspokin' bike rental Singapore

The route into the city was easy! We stuck to the cycle paths, using Google Maps to help us navigate our way. We passed some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks including the Formulae 1 Grand Prix Track, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, we rode around Marina Bay, past Merlion Park, to Haji Lane and so much more.

We stopped at some seats by the water at Marina Bay for a pre-packed picnic lunch. This was a great option as we were hot and just wanted to sit and enjoy our surroundings while we had our lunch break.

Photos include: cycling along Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Haji Lane.