Ultimate Guide To The Best Swag Australia

Ultimate Guide To The Best Swag Australia

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An Australian swag is an excellent way to have shelter and be comfortable during your next camping trip. If you’re looking to go camping lightweight and be shielded from weather with a comfortable place to sleep, you need this ultimate guide to the best swag Australia has.

There are a few things to think about before you buy though, such as protection from bad weather, shade from the sun and comfort. Knowing which is the best swag to purchase for your camping trip is vital and not all Australian made swags are made equal.

best swag Australia

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You may know all of the amazing benefits of camping but aren’t sure what type of camping supplies are necessary for the trip. Well, the best swag in Australia makes camping easier and quicker with much less time needed to set up than a standard tent.

This article tells you everything you need to know about having the best swag camping experience. First of all, take a look at my ultimate buying guide below to see the main features to look out for and decide which type of swag is best for you.

If you’re short on time there is a quick comparison chart to show you the top features of all the best swags, Australia 2020. If you have a little more time take a look at my in depth best swag Australia reviews to get more information, including budget-friendly options as well as single and double swags.

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What Is A Traditional Swag Exactly?

A traditional Australian swag started off as a bedroll where you could pack all your belongings as you travelled from town to town, allowing you to sleep wherever you went.

The modern swag, however, has since evolved into a more heavy-duty camping necessity. The top swag brands utilise poles and materials that will withstand even the worst of conditions. At a glance, the best Australian made swag appears to resemble a 1-person swag tent and have evolved a long way since the early days of swags.

Swags are popular all over Australia for making camping trips more lightweight. They make it easy to just throw your swag in the back of the ute and head off into the bush on an adventure.

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Aussie Swag Campers vs Tent Campers?

An Aussie swag has many benefits compared to a standard tent and most obvious of these is that it’s much quicker and easier to set up and take down as well as having everything you need for sleeping in one (swag mattress and swag sleeping bag).

A canvas swag is, usually, warmer than tents thanks to the heavy duty material they’re made from. They are also smaller than a tent which ensures body heat is kept inside the swag and a foam mattress, is better than a stand-alone air mattress for body warmth retention.

A traditionally designed swag, is made to withstand years of wear and tear and the general idea is that they can survive being subjected to harsh elements. Aussie swags are not delicate items – their robust canvas material can be thrown in the back of a vehicle or strapped to a roof or bike.

On a hot night, swags allow you to open the upper layer of canvas and the windows to allow extra ventilation and the built in mosquito netting means there is no need to worry about insects either. There is nothing quite like sleeping under the stars in the bush or outback in an Australian swag.

A swag really is a very versatile alternative to tents if you plan on camping in different environments regularly.

Best Swag Reviews Australia

Best Traditional Swag Reviews

While looking for the best swag Australia has to offer, you might want to look for traditional styles. Below you will find some great reviews for the best traditional swag.

Best Single Swag Reviews

If you’re only looking for a single swag, the below reviews will be some great options for you.

OzTrail Biker Expedition Single Swag

I can easily call this the best cheap swag available. It is great quality for the price and overall fantastic value for the price and quality of the swag.

It features lots of room within the swag while still being compact enough to throw on the back of your bike after easy disassembly. It holds up very well and will last for many years.

While the zip is only featured half-way up the swag, the PVC base provides excellent protection against water throughout weather conditions as well as being made from breathable materials. It is very easy to clean and brush off any dirt or sand without hassle.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best cheap swag, this is a great option.

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Darche Steel Dusk To Dawn Dome – 900

The most selling features of this single dome swag are how easy it is to set up and how durable it is. You’ll be hanging onto this swag for years to come! You may even want to buy up a few of these – it’s that great.

It is lightweight and including full-length mesh makes it great for kids too! It’s easy to control the internal temperature in tropical climates.

Overall, you will be incredibly pleased with this single dome swag by Darche.

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Best Double Swag Australia Reviews

When travelling with a partner, you may be looking at the best double swag reviews. Below you will find some great options in terms of swags for couples for this camping season.

Darche 1400 Double Air-Volution

While looking for the best double swag Australia has to offer, this is one worth considering.

The assembly and setup of this swag are very easy to accomplish and it is very comfortable. You can even lay in your swag and enjoy the night sky as you fall asleep, as there are no poles blocked the middle view and it features a great open-top cover and zippered mesh fly screen. The pockets inside the swag add additional convenience as well.

Bottom line, this swag is a fantastic option for those looking for a comfortable and durable double swag that’s easy to set up throughout your travels.

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Kulkyne Queen Air Pole Deluxe

This brand new Queen swag is the perfect choice for couples as well as individuals who enjoy having a little extra room. It boasts air pole technology giving you the best camping experience.

With the benefit of air pole technology, using a hand or electric pump, camp set up has never been so easy. the Kulkyne Queen also comes with a deluxe pillow-top mattress with 100mm of additional comfort, ensuring a great night sleep. Kulkyne air pole swags feature waterproof canvas, heavy duty PVC Tub type base, heavy duty air poles, extra fine fly screens, heavy duty zips

All in all, this is a great quality queen dome canvas swag to consider.

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AOS Tracker Double

This is a great option when looking for the best Australian made double swag. It is durable, comfortable, and very easy to set up during your travels.

While it is best suited for warmer conditions with its heavy-duty waterproof canvas material that can be removed for enjoying the stars or kept intact to keep the pesky sandflies out.

This swag features a great travel bag for fitting all your belongings as well as protection and storage throughout travels.

If you’re looking for a great double swag that is Australian made, this is a great option to consider.

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Darche Steel Dusk To Dawn Dome – 1400

You and your partner will enjoy gazing at the stars from inside this double dome swag. It’s comfortable, durable, and features the perfect shape for a swag. Setup will be a breeze with the adjustable ridge-pole and trigger locking system.

Perfect for couples who enjoy travelling in a variety of conditions as it features storm covers, cross-flow ventilation, and waterproof materials. You will also enjoy the full-length entry doors and internal storage pockets for added convenience.

This double swag is a great quality option for couples looking to travel together during the camping season.

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Types of Swags on the Market

When it comes to figuring out the best swag to buy, the first step is knowing the style and size that will best suit you. If you’re finding yourself a little lost figuring all this out, this Best Swag Australia guide is exactly what you need.

Which style of swag do I need?

The best camping swag generally comes in one of two styles, a traditional swag (a bedroll) and a dome swag (sometimes known as a swag tent or swag tunnel). Each has its own set of pros and cons and the style you need will depend on how you plan on using it.

A traditional swag resembles that of a bedroll as it is very light, easy to assemble and rolls back up easily to throw in the car or carry on your back. It usually has a mattress covered with canvas and while it’s much easier to deal with than a dome swag, it isn’t quite as robust in severe weather conditions and leaves you more exposed.

A dome swag, however, is built to withstand severe weather conditions and will have you feeling much more secure. These swags have poles and ropes with a canvas dome over the top of the traditional swag base. Even the best dome swag is bulkier and heavier, making it slightly more difficult to transport, although usually still easier than a full tent and accessories.

What size swag do I need?

Once you’ve decided on a style of swag, you’ll need to know what size you’re looking for. Usually, swags come in a single, king single, and double size.

A single size swag is the smallest available and it measures at 60-90 cm wide and 180-20 cm long. These are popular with hikers and bikers, as well as what I would consider to be the best swag for kids, given their smaller size.

The king single swag size measures a bit larger at 90-115 cm wide with the same length. This size is well-suited for individuals who need a bit of extra room or are larger than the average Australian.

The best double swag Australia has to offer measures much larger, being the perfect 2 person swag. You’ll find them available measuring from 110-130 cm wide and 190-230 cm long. They are well suited for couples travelling together.

Features Of The Best Swag Australia

Once you understand what style and size you’re in need of, it’s important to understand what features are most important to you. To make choosing from the best swags on the market a bit easier, I’ve outlined the top features to consider.

Outer Canvas

The best swag available will include a high-quality canvas that covers the swag and separates you from the outside. It’s important to note that a decent canvas should be at least 12-ounces (measure of canvas used per square yard). The higher the ounce, the better the quality but also the heavier the material. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight swag you may have to make a compromise with the canvas.

High quality canvas will also be tear-resistant, thanks to ripstop weaves on top of plain weaves (tear check), rot-proof, which is important if you plan on camping in damp areas to avoid mould and mildew, and include high gauge threaded seams, as moisture can easily seep through poorly threaded seams.

Built-In Swag Mattress

Swags all include a built-in mattress and it’s important to select a swag that isn’t so soft that you can feel the ground beneath you, or so hard that you have trouble sleeping.

The best swag mattress is one that is generally 35-70 mm deep, but this feature really is personal preference on how firm you usually prefer your mattress to be. There is always the option of adding an additional mattress if need be but it is just one more thing to pack or carry.

Swag Poles

If you opt for a dome swag, poles will be an essential part of the assembly and serve as framing for the swag material. You’ll want to select a swag that uses quality steel or alloy poles so that they uphold over time and are super durable. Most companies do use these materials but you may also see that some companies offer fibreglass. This is not an ideal material as it’s not bendable like steel or alloy and will eventually break after continued use.

Swag Base

Another important feature to consider is the base, which is the part that sits between you and the ground. Depending on the conditions of your environment, you’ll want either a PVC base or one made from breathable materials.

The best waterproof swag will feature a PVC material base, which is great for damp or wet campgrounds as they insulate and keep you from getting wet.

In hot and humid environments, however, they can develop mould. You should consider a breathable material when in these environments so your base does not absorb and trap any moisture.

Swag Ventilation/Air Flow

Ventilation and air flow is another important thing to consider. Many swags have windows or air vents that are covered with mesh material to keep the insects out of your swag as well as create air flow and cool the inside.

You will also want to make sure the windows have canvas covers for times when you need extra insulation.

Swag Size & Weight

The last feature to consider is the overall size and weight of your swag. While a large size, such as a king single or double swag, will fit more people, it will also have more weight so it might not be suitable if you want to travel lightweight.

The best value swag will be much smaller, but also lighter to carry around than a larger sized swag.

Take a look at our ultimate buying guides on the camping mattresses and rechargeable head torches to make your trip more comfortable.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.