Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Snorkeling Gear

Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Snorkeling Gear

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Snorkeling is a fantastic way to experience the wonders of the ocean and Australia has some of the best snorkeling in the world. Snorkeling is fun for the whole family, and unlike scuba diving, it requires very minimal training and much more affordable equipment.

With a snorkel set, you can immerse your face in the water while breathing the air above. Snorkeling allows you to explore all the wonders below the waters’ surface without having to raise your head to breathe.

It’s important to have the right snorkeling gear so that you can focus on the wonders of the ocean instead of the water in your mask. Read on for a list of reviews of the best snorkel gear Australia has on offer, that will suit your needs. We’ll take you through the key features of each product to help you make the right decision. If you’re short on time, take a look at the table for a short rundown of the best snorkeling gear available. 

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Key Features Of The Best Snorkeling Gear

There are two main components to a snorkeling set: the mask and the snorkel. Some snorkeling sets also come with fins to help you glide faster through the water. If you’re looking to complete your set, make sure to also look into the best snorkel vest available. 

All of the components of a snorkeling gear set have different features to look out for. When looking for the best snorkeling gear, you’ll need to evaluate each of these features and determine what works best for you.

The Best Snorkeling Gear Comparison Table

Product NameKey FeaturesCost
Full Face Snorkel Mask Foldable TubeDouble air flow, 180 degree viewing.Check price!
Mirage Snorkel SetRobust frame, splash guard.Check price!
ROCONTRIP Snorkel Mask Full FaceDry snorkel technology, fog preventing air channels, panoramic views, camera mount.Check price!
FINIS Original Swimmers SnorkelCentre mounting, reduces drag, allows for uninterrupted swimming technique.Check price!
FINIS Snorkel Speed StabilityFor serious swimmers, bracketless, double strap.Check price!
Cressi Snorkel SetGreat for travelers, valve that seals when diving, whole set, fins fit variety of foot size.Check price!
Mares Snorkel SetClassic set, easy on-the-go adjustments.Check price!
Adjustable Snorkel Mask SetDry Top Technology, silicone nose, adults and kids.Check price!
THENICE Kids Full Face Snorkel MaskDry Top Technology, 180 panoramic lens, small and lightweight.Check price!
STARSEA Kids Snorkel setSoft, small, hypoallergenic silicone, made for narrow/small faces.Check price!
Best Snorkeling Gear Comparison Table

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Masks let you see in the water by creating an air pocket around your eyes. Snorkeling masks have ‘skirts’ around the seal, which create a suction and prevents water from leaking in. Masks with soft, silicone skirts create the best seals and are the most comfortable.

Snorkel masks come in both kids’ and adults’ sizes, and you can also buy highly adjustable snorkel gear. Adult sized masks sometimes come in a range of sizes to accommodate different sizes.

It’s important that your mask fits your face well. When buying a mask online, this is a bit difficult, but you can gauge fit by looking at the measurements that the manufacturer provides.


Snorkels are tubes that allow you to immerse your head underwater while breathing air from above the water. There are a few different types of snorkels available. To determine the best snorkel for you, it’s a good idea to consider each of these models.

A wet snorkel will fill with water if you dive down and it gets immersed in water. In order to keep breathing once you break the surface, you first have to breathe out hard to get the water out of the snorkel.

Semi-dry snorkels are designed in a way that reduces, but doesn’t completely prevent, water getting into the snorkel. Semi-dry snorkels often have built-in channels that prevent water from completely filling up the tube. Water will likely still get in if you dive completely underwater, and you will have to clear it by breathing out.

Dry snorkels have a piece at the end of the tube that seals off the snorkel when you dive underwater. They tend to be the most expensive, but they are worth it if you want to keep your snorkel as dry as possible.

Full Face Masks

Unlike traditional two-part snorkel sets which come with a separate mask and snorkel, full face snorkel masks are all one piece. True to their name, they cover the whole face, and the snorkel attaches directly to the mask. 

With full face masks, you don’t have to worry about keeping the snorkel in your mouth. They also allow you to breathe through your nose. Full face masks also have a wider field of vision than traditional masks, and they offer anti-fog capabilities. If you want minimal water leakage and a comfortable snorkeling experience, a full face mask is the best snorkel mask for you.

The best snorkeling gear Australia

Best Snorkeling Gear Australia Reviews

Mirage Snorkel Set – Tropic Adult Tropic Mask

The Mirage snorkel set is your classic mask and snorkel set, with a few twists that step it up a notch. It comes with a two-part mask and snorkel set that are offered in four different colours.

The robust frame makes this mask highly durable, and the purge snorkel and splash guard helps prevent water from getting into the mask and snorkel.

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ROCONTRIP Snorkel Mask Full Face

If you want full panoramic underwater views, go for a full face snorkel mask. Australia has some spectacular underwater sights to behold, and you won’t want to miss any of them.

This mask uses two separate air channels for inhaling and exhaling to prevent fogging. The snorkel tube is removable to make for easy storage, and the mask comes with a removable camera mount so that you can record your underwater adventures.

Thanks to Dry Snorkel technology, you don’t have to worry about inhaling water. The air hole closes when the snorkel is fully immersed, which gives you a bit of extra breathing time underwater.

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FINIS Original Swimmers Snorkel

This innovative snorkel is designed for swimmers looking to improve their swimming technique and maintain their form. The centre-mounted design will keep you stable and won’t get in the way of your strokes. 

The one-way purge valve on this snorkel lets water out of the mouthpiece while preventing water from getting in. The snorkel curves around your head, which minimizes drag and keeps you hydrodynamic in the water.

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FINIS Speed Stability Bracketless Snorkel

This is an innovative, high tech snorkel for serious swimmers. It was designed for competitive swimmers who train at high speeds, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to stay sleek in the water. 

Instead of using head brackets, your forehead rests in a comfortable cushioned spot on this snorkel. To make this mask even more comfortable, the double strap evenly distributes pressure around your head. The mouthpiece can also swing to the side easily when you exit the water. This is the best snorkel for people who are serious about swimming.

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Full Face Snorkel Mask Foldable Tube

This full face snorkel mask is a sleek and innovative solution to all your snorkeling gear needs. Instead of coming in two pieces like traditional snorkeling gear, it all comes in one continuous mask.

The flat lens allows you to see a 180 degree wide view, and Dry Top technology prevents water from getting into the snorkel. Double air-flow channels allow you to inhale and exhale through separate channels, which helps to prevent fogging. 

On top of all of these helpful features, this adult snorkel set is also highly portable — the snorkel can fold up and collapse into the mask, making for easy transport.

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Cressi Snorkel Set

The Cressi snorkel set comes with everything you need for a day of snorkeling. The set includes fins, mask, snorkel and a mesh carrying bag. 

The end of the snorkel has a valve that seals when you dive underwater, which prevents water from entering. The open-heel design of the fins can accommodate a variety of foot sizes. The fins are also small enough to fit into a bag, making this set ideal for travelers.

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Mares Snorkel Set

If you’re looking for a classic set of snorkel gear, the Mares snorkel set is for you. The set includes fins, snorkel and a mask, all packed up in a carrying bag that you can bring with you.

The fins, mask and snorkel all offer quick release for on-the-go adjustments while you’re swimming. With this straightforward snorkel set, you’ll have everything you need for days of snorkeling.

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Adjustable Snorkel Mask Set

If you’re looking for snorkel gear that can double as adults and a kids’ snorkel mask, this adjustable design is perfect. The black and white design of this mask is sleek and stylish.

Dry Top Technology on the top of the snorkel keeps water out while you’re diving. This mask also comes with a soft silicone nose, which you can pinch for equalization while diving to deeper depths.

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THENICE Kids Snorkel Mask Full Face

This is the ultimate kids snorkel mask. The small size and lightweight design is comfortable for kids to wear, and to make it even better, this mask comes with a detachable animal kit with a fun shark design.

This full face snorkel mask has a full 180 panoramic lens. It also has three separate air channels to prevent inhalation of exhaled air. Dry Top Technology prevents water from entering the snorkel. Any kid that uses this mask will appreciate the fun style and clever design of this kids’ snorkel set.

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STARSEA Kids Snorkel Set

This kids’ snorkel set comes in five fun colour options for your child to choose from. The adjustable band is soft and comfortable, and the goggles are made of soft hypoallergenic silicone. 

The Starsea kids’ snorkel mask is designed for smaller, narrower faces, making it perfect for kids. 

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Snorkel Set Accessories

Action Camera Explorer 4K Ultra HD
Universal Waterproof Phone Dry Pouch 
Snorkelling & Diving Fins / Flippers – Adults
Snorkelling & Diving Fins / Flippers – Kids 
Waterproof Dry Bag & Backpack – 10L 
Anti-fog Spray for Goggles – 2 Pack 40ml

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.