Ultimate Guide To The Best Hiking Boots Australia

Ultimate Guide To The Best Hiking Boots Australia

What Are The Best Hiking Boots Australia, For You?

There’s no doubt the best way to truly explore Australia is by foot. Australia has some of the best and most diverse hiking in the world, from sandy islands, rocky traverses, native bush land and eucalyptus woodlands you really will be putting your feet to the test. If you want to fully enjoy the best hiking in Australia then you will need to buy hiking boots. 

Hiking boots offer grip and stability over every terrain. Buying hiking boots will stop you watching your footing so you can enjoy the scenery. They will stop you rolling your ankle so you can trek day after day. Some hiking boots can even keep your feet dry so you can splash through the rivers and waterfalls. So we all agree you want to enjoy the best hiking in Australia but which boot should you choose?

In this article we will be exploring the best hiking boots Australia has to offer. We will look in detail at women’s hiking boots, men’s hiking boots, kids hiking boots and even touch on some hiking boots for hunting. We have taken the time to look at their key features and reviews so you can decide for yourself which are the best hiking boots Australia has!

Types Of Hiking Boots & Key Features

Like we said, Australia has some of the most diverse hiking in the world, so we have a diverse range of walking shoes too! When you buy hiking boots you need to get the right ones for you. Hiking boots, walking shoes, trekking boots, trail hiking shoes, hiking boots for hunting, soft hiking boots, cheap hiking boots, lightweight hiking boots, leather hiking boots, or even snow hiking boots, whatever you need we have it covered!

We will start with the basics of the hiking shoes Australia has and work our way through different types of boots and brands to help you buy hiking boots that suit your needs. We have taken the trouble to look at different hiking boots ratings and reviews to guide your decision.

Key Features To Look At When You Buy Hiking Boots

All types of hiking shoes should offer you an added level of comfort, stability and grip no matter what the terrain. This is where they differ from regular trainers. Hiking shoes also have harder outsoles than your basic trainer, making them more durable.

One of the most important features of all types of hiking boots is how comfortable they are. You will be wearing these shoes for hours at a time and they will last you years on end. You can buy good hiking boots but if they don’t fit right then you’ve wasted your money. It is important that you have the opportunity to try them on with the socks you tend to wear before buying them. The last thing you want is painful blisters or numb toes distracting you from your adventures.

The grip on hiking shoes is often referred to as the ‘Lug’. Thicker and more prominent lugs will give you more grip. You will need to pay special attention to the lugs if you plan on hiking in uneven, steep or muddy environments.

The stability of the shoe or the stability it will provide you is very important. If you are someone that easily rolls their ankle at the sight of a root then you need a more robust hiking boot that will provide you more stability around your ankle. If you are looking to skip up and down the trails then you need more flexibility. Everyone is different.

Types Of Hiking Boots

If you’re walking across sandy islands you will need to buy hiking shoes that are different to those traversing around waterfalls.

Traditionally, leather hiking shoes were the durable and comfortable option for a lot of hikers. They do still outperform most synthetic boots for durability but fall down in the weight and price categories. If you are someone that needs added stability and weather protection and you are willing to spend a bit more, then exploring the leather hiking shoes Australia has might be beneficial. Scarpa hiking boots are well reviewed and generally have a great range of leather hiking boots, or even ones that act like leather but aren’t for you animal friendly hikers.

Should you buy waterproof hiking boots? The answer is another question, are you planning on getting your feet wet or muddy? If you are, then yes you should look into the waterproof hiking boots Australia has. If you’re thrill seeking up the top of Mt Kosciusko then you will need to consider specialised snow hiking boots which are not only waterproof but breathable and stop the cold coming up through your sole. Having a Gore Tex inner and a mid to high rise will help with this. It is worth looking at Salomon hiking boots in this category, they have good hiking boots ratings and a wide range of technical shoes.

If you’re not planning on going crazy with your hiking then maybe you should consider soft hiking boots. This style of walking shoe is more trainer like and more flexible than the previously mentioned ones. These allow for greater grip and comfort on easier trails allowing you to hike for longer. Their soles and sides are less rigid and they tend to focus on being more breathable. You can even find shoes which are so soft they are ‘barefoot’ style now.

Finally, hunting boots. Can you use hunting boots for hiking? A lot of people interchange their hiking and hunting boots as they offer similar features. If you take into account what we have already explored then you will be able to answer your questions. As long as your hunting boots have the right support for the trek you’re asking them to do then you should be fine. Something to consider is favouring Gore Tex hunting boots rather than leather for breathability on longer hikes.

Best Women’s Hiking Boots Australia

Not all hiking boots are created equal. When brands are designing their ladies hiking boots they have ladies in mind. Women’s hiking boots are designed to have smaller feet and less weight in them. You can get ‘unisex’ hiking boots but the best women’s hiking boots Australia has have been designed specifically for women. We have chosen a few of our favourites and looked at the reviews to help you decide which is best for you.

Women’s Hiking Boots Comparison Table

Product NameBrandWeightPrice
Quest GoretexSalomon570gCheck price!
ZG65 GTXScarpa620gCheck price!
Ultra Fastpack iv Mid Futurelight The North Face353g/ shoeCheck price! 
Kailash Trek GTX RegularScarpa535gCheck price!
Altitude VI WPHI-TEC940gCheck price!
Best hiking boots Australia
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Best Women’s Hiking Boots Australia Reviews

Salomon Quest Goretex Hiking Womens

These boots come in top of the range for their waterproofing and instant comfort. They have OrthoLiteTM foam for heel cushioning made from recycled tyres making them eco and very durable. An added bonus inside is a rubber toe cap for increased protection without adding the weight issues of a metal one. The upper is a suede and synthetic mix with lace clips all the way up the ankle all helping to keep the moisture out. They are a very good shoe for more adverse conditions and backpacking. For those people wandering for days on end the lightweight GoreTex material brings these boots in at only 570g. It is worth bearing in mind that Salomon boots generally need to be bought half a size bigger than your usual shoe.

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Scarpa ZG65 GTX Boots

A stylish all rounder boot praised by reviewers for their comfort over very long distances. Scarpa highlights it as their bestselling women’s boot. They weigh in at 535g so are not the lightest but this does add to their robust feel. They have a high cuff giving people with wobbly ankles or going over rough terrain a lot more stability.

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Hi-Tec Altitude VI WP Women’s

An attractive boot with a leather upper leaving it resistant to scuffing. It prides itself on being able to endure even the toughest terrains due to its rubber outsole. Reviews tend to praise these shoes for their memory foam comfort and arch support. They have new metal lace eyelets which look good but have been criticised for digging in and not holding laces as tight as their predecessor. Otherwise the boot is a very good all rounder weighing in at 940g a pair. 

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Best Men’s Hiking Boots Australia

Now let’s take a look at what makes some men’s hiking boots the best men’s hiking boots. To get the best hiking boots for men you need to have a boot that can withstand a wider foot and different weight distribution than a women’s shoe. They also tend to be a bit bulkier and the colours darker! Below are somw of the best men’s hiking boots Australia has to offer. We have scoured the reviews to pick out ten options for different terrains to give you a good idea what to look for.

Men’s Hiking Boots Comparison Table

Product NameBrandWeightCost
Kinesis HikingScarpa850g/ shoeCheck price!
Evasion Leather GoreTex PhantomSalomon476g/ shoeCheck price!
Zodiac Hiking Shark OrangeScarpa546g/ shoeCheck price!
Quest Gore Tex Hiking PhantomSalomon570g/ shoeCheck price!
TAS Centurion Boot Camoflage660g/ shoeCheck price!

Best Men’s Hiking Boots Australia Reviews

Scarpa Kinesis Hiking 

This is a very strong and durable boot from Scarpa. The full grain leather upper is stylish and waterproof. The high cuff lacing makes it sturdy around your ankle, twinned with a hard wearing multidirectional lug you can tackle all terrains. It’s a heavy boot, weighing around 850g per boot. Reviews find very few faults often stating they are the best boots out there!

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Salomon Evasion Leather GoreTex Phantom

This is a highly rated shoe for hitting all of the trails. It scores highly for comfort, grip and being waterproof. Designed for longer or multi day treks. The only downside people have commented on seems to be the length of the tongue that might dig in depending on your foot shape. Weighing only 476g per shoe they are very lightweight too.

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Scarpa Zodiac Hiking Shark Orange

Designed for moderate mountain terrain, these slim shoes resemble climbing shoes rather than bulky hiking boots. They have an asymmetric long lace system for a more snug fit but some people can find this style of lacing uncomfortable. This shoe sits firmly in the soft or flexible hiking shoe category and is not built for heavy backpacking. They are relatively lightweight at only 546g per shoe. 

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Salomon Quest Gore Tex Hiking Phantom

A popular Salomon boot which is reportedly true to size. Some people state they need a few trips to wear them in but otherwise are praised for their comfort. They have decent lugs that will prove successful on more challenging trails with or without a pack. They weigh 570g a shoe which is fairly lightweight in this category. Probably a shoe for the faster more adventurous hiker.

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TAS Centurion Boot Camoflage

If you don’t want your feet to be seen in the bushes then these are your boots. The camouflage material is 100% waterproof and high rising meaning you can keep everything out and keep your feet warm and dry. They boast a Vibram sole for tried and tested rubber gripping. They weigh 660g per boot. 

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Unisex Scarpa Hiking Boots Australia

Unisex Adult Fuego-UScarpa510g/ shoeCheck price!

Scarpa Unisex Adult Fuego-U

A fantastic unisex boot favoured by fire and forest workers. The higher rise with double layered tongue keeps all the debris out and the sleek design makes them popular with professional men and women. The simple smooth design lends itself to durability and the lacing system lends itself to a better fit to everyone. They weigh an average 510g each. 

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Best Kids Hiking Boots Australia

Kids feet are still growing and supporting their musculoskeletal system development so getting the right kids hiking boots is important. It’s important for them to go and try them on and for you to discuss things with the shoe fitter. Let’s have a look at some of the best kids hiking boots Australia has so you know what to look out for.

Kids Hiking Boots Comparison Table

Product NameBrandCost
Speedcross Junior Sparkling PhantomSalomonCheck price!
Softshell WP PetrolMountain WarehouseCheck price!
Snow and Hiking ShoeWetikeCheck price!

Best Kids Hiking Boots Australia Reviews

For each of these products include a description of what the product is and highlight the key features and weight of each shoe. I will add the link and image later but please include the product title and the corresponding link next to it, for my easy reference later.

The description doesn’t need to be too wordy or over the top, keep it to the point, up beat and easy to understand for your average reader, while still providing all the great features.

Salomon Speedcross Junior Sparkling Phantom

If you’re child wants to get into trail running then these shoes would be a very good start. The lugs are deep and aligned well for superb grip. The sneaker like design keeps them light and flexible favouring speed. Salomon is a long-standing highly rated brand in the outdoors world.

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Mountain Warehouse Softshell WP Petrol

A sturdy mid rise boot with excellent outsole traction. They come on black and orange or pink with easy to use pull cord laces, making them popular with the kids. Reviews stated they were easy to clean after withstanding a full weekend on the muddy trails.

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Wetike Kids Snow and Hiking Shoe

Not a very well known brand but we have found these to be a very highly rated shoe. They have a mid rise with a Velcro top which makes them good in all weathers. The thing that makes these shoes different and thrive in the snow is the fold out anti slip steel buckle in the heel. These are stylish and lightweight and reviews say that the traction is good even without the heel section in action.

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.