The Best Food In The World By Country

The Best Food In The World By Country

March 10, 2021 0 By travelfromaustralia
The Best Food In The World By Country - Food Travel

How far would you travel, for the best food in the world?


One of the best things about global travel, is global food! Properly explore a country, learn about a new culture or experience a region, by trying their local cuisine. National foods from different countries, means a variety of foods and delicacies for us to all enjoy.

Explore this compilation of some of the best cuisine in the world and the best national foods. Consider a food tour or cooking class on your next destination holiday and create a lifelong traditional meal memory.

Countries with the best food

The Best Asian Food

The Best Food In The World By Country - the best Asian Food
Image from The Travel Scribes

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The Best Food In The World By Country - Thailand

Sizzling bowls of noodles ready to be slurped, marvelous plates of mango sticky rice doused in warm coconut sauce and the famous tom yum, a hot and sour soup swimming with delicious prawns.

It can only be the tantalizing cuisine of Thailand.

Globally renowned for its food, Thailand is known for its creamy curries – the legendary green and red curries being the most coveted – as well as spicy stir fries and a myriad of desserts. With a fascinating mix of textures and flavours on offer, Thai food is often characterized by it’s use of fresh herbs (coriander being a favourite), pastes and sauces like shrimp paste, varying levels of hot chillies and, of course, coconut in every form you can think of: from flaked to milk, shavings to the hearty flesh.

I’m itching to return to Thailand particularly to indulge in khanom krok. These more-ish Thai coconut pancakes are to be found in hawkers stalls and markets across the country; a salty and sweet taste explosion in a small ball made of rice flour, coconut milk and sugar.

Written by Lee from The Travel Scribes

Explore Thailand and experience their amazing cuisine. Cooking Schools and Food Tours in Thailand.


The Best Food In The World By Country - Japan

We go to Japan often and always rave about Japanese cuisine. You can often see fresh seasonal ingredients and seafood being highlighted rather than just meat, though their Kobe beef is known to be the best beef in the world. Japanese dishes are nutritionally balanced and beautifully plated, so it’s no wonder visitors head to Japan just to eat! 

What you’ll notice about Japanese food is the simple yet complex flavors with sweet, salty, and umami (savoury) flavour. Locals love carbohydrates and it’s not uncommon to see people ordering a bowl of plain white rice to go with their bowl of noodles. Many restaurants will serve a set which couples a main dish with a bowl of rice or noodles and miso soup to give you a complete meal. 

If you have the chance to explore Japan, check out the regional specialties of each region. You’ll get the chance to experience different flavours. While sushi and ramen are a crowd favourite, our favourites include eating Hiroshima style okonomiyaki in Hiroshima and everything matcha flavour in the Kyoto area. One thing that is on our food bucket list is to try the ishikari nabe (seafood hot pot) in Hokkaido.

Written by Jackie Szeto and Justin Huynh, from Life of Doing

Attend a cooking class, visit a cooking school or do a food tour on your next holiday to Japan.


The Best Food In The World By Country - Taiwan

Taiwan is renowned for its famous night markets and they are an integral part of their culture. Food lovers regularly praise the quality of the street food stalls which sell delicious and very cheap Taiwanese cuisine.

There are a wide variety of traditional foods I want to try but the main one is the Xiao Long Bao –a steamed rice dumpling which is filled with pork meat and soup, and is adored by Taiwanese people! Stinky tofu is another dish that also intrigues me and one I have heard so much about.

This is a very iconic snack that is made from cubes of firm tofu which have been soaked in a brine for weeks then usually deep fried. The dish is meant to have the most rotten smell but apparently tastes very good – I’d like to judge that for myself!

Written by Caroline Keyzor, from CK Travels


The Best Food In The World By Country - Vietnam

With influences by the French and as well as neighbouring countries like Thailand, Cambodia and China, Vietnam is Asia’s leading culinary destination. 

Vietnamese food is comprised of basic everyday ingredients like rice, rice noodle, pork and vegetables. And almost everything is eaten with fresh herbs and fish sauce. 

Where you go in Vietnam, you will always find classic Vietnamese dishes like phở bo (rice noodles soup with beef and herbs), bún thịt nướng (grilled pork with rice noodle) and bánh mi (baguette sandwich with pork sausage, cucumber, pickled carrots and coriander). Other regional dishes reflect the history, climate, location and local produce availability. 

In Northern Vietnam, try regional dishes like bún chả (grilled pork with white rice noodles eaten with herbs and a fish sauce) and bánh cuốn (steamed noodle roll).

While you are in Southern Vietnam, try the bold and sweet flavours of com tam (broken rice with pork) and bánh xèo (crispy egg crepe with pork, shrimp and beansprouts). 

And Central Vietnam has distinct flavours that are different from the north and south. Try Hoi An’s signature dishes, cao lầu (pork, vegetable with rice noodle), and mi quang (shrimp, pork and vegetable rice noodle).

Written by Queenie Mak, from MS Travel Solo

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Located in the Eastern Himalayas is this beautiful country called Bhutan. Popular for its foggy mountains and the air of mystery surrounding it, Bhutan is also home to some very unique food.

The Best Food In The World By Country - Bhutan

The National dish of Bhutan called the Ema Datshi is a dish made of chilies and cheese. It is one Bhutanese dish most tourists try while visiting Bhutan. This dish is also prepared with potatoes and mushrooms and is equally delicious!

One of our favorites is the Jasha Maroo, a soupy Bhutanese chicken stew. It is such a flavorsome dish and best eaten with red rice, which is the staple food in Bhutan.

The Bhutanese Butter tea called ‘Suja’ is another must-try item while at Bhutan. This is more like a soup than tea, and the people of Bhutan love to have a cup of Suja before starting their day! You can also try the ‘Ara’, which is the traditional alcoholic beverage produced in Bhutan.

By Athul, from Our Backpack Tales

Explore Bhutan and create your own Bhutan food memory.


India is a country famous for its wide variety of food. Each state in India has unique food styles, and they are some of the most famous cuisines in the world. You can find two kinds of food cultures in India – the North Indian and South Indian.

The Best Food In The World By Country - India

While North India is popular for its rotis, parathas, and a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes, South India is known for its dosas, idlis, vadas, and its spicy non-vegetarian dishes.

You can find some fantastic non-vegetarian food in the Malabar regions of Kerala, like Kannur and Kozhikode. You will find a variety of ‘rice baats’ in places around Bangalore and some of the best biriyanis in Andra Pradesh. Mumbai is famous for its vada pav and chaat, whereas West Bengal is the place to be to try to delicious fish curries.

Punjabi tandoor rotis and butter chicken are very famous around the world. This makes India a perfect place to visit to try its food!

By Athul, from Our Backpack Tales

Travel India and learn how to master an Indian dish from the masters themselves.

The Best Food In Europe

The Best Food In The World By Country - The best food in Europe


The Best Food In The World By Country - Italy

As a dumplings lover, from Polish pierogi to Japanese gyoza, discovering new types of Italian stuffed pasta is always a pleasure. In the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, located in the Veneto Dolomites in Northern Italy, the half-moon “casunziei” is the local speciality of ravioli.

The concept is very simple: a beetroot filling inside the delicate fresh dough, dressed with melted butter and a sprinkle of poppy seeds. The result is memorable and iconic: the sweet and savoury tastes mix together in a delicious and surprising combination.

Besides being a favourite dish for celebrations (usually prepared by the patient grandmothers), casunziei are available at many restaurants in Cortina and at rifugios on the ski slopes.

Written by Giulia and Darek, from Travelling Sunglasses

On your next Italian journey, considering one of their marvellous cooking schools or food tours!


The Best Food In The World By Country - Malta

The best thing about the food in Malta is the freshness and variety to be found. Everything from fresh meats and seafood to spices, fruit, and vegetables all over the island.

It has been influenced by various cultures and cuisines throughout its long history and its position in the middle of the Mediterranean. So expect to find a taste that caters to just about every palette.

Following the direction of someone in the know helps to discover what the locals eat, how to eat, and what to avoid. Traditional Maltese food is rustic and based on the seasons. Trying the variety of dishes is one of the best things to do in Malta, where some of the favourites include Kapunata, Lampuki fish pie, rabbit stew, and Bragioli beef olives.

Written by Rai, from A Rai of Light

Create your own Maltese food memory by travelling to Malta.


The Best Food In The World By Country - Spain

Every time we visit Canary Islands, we think about one special dish – Canary Potatos! As part of Spanish tapas, the potatos are boiled in their skins with sea salt (this leaves a fine crust) and are served with delicious Mojo sauce.

If you’ve never had Canary Potatos before, you probably think that there can’t be anything special about potatos, right? You can’t be more wrong! The “Papas arrugadas” which translated into English means “wrinkly potatoes” are probably number one choice amongst tourists visiting Gran Canaria. If you like salty snacks, we can guarantee that you will fell in love with the Canary Potatos.

Written by Darek, from Darek and Gosia

Paella, tapas, food tours, Spanish cuisine – create your own everlasting Spanish food memory!


The Best Food In The World By Country - Austria

Vienna in Austria is heaven for food lovers, especially if you love to eat meat, sweet dishes and anything with high amounts of calories. Vegetarians and all who prefer to eat clean and healthy food: don’t go there.

In Austria, you will get the best sausages, fried meat, ribs, knuckles of pork – you’ll be lucky if you find something vegetarian on the menu.

Don’t miss to try the Wiener Schnitzel on any visit to Vienna – it’s probably to most popular Austrian food. The Sacher Torte, a world-famous chocolate cake. These two are the classics of Viennese cuisine and a must-eat in Vienna. If you love sweets, you should also try the Esterházy Cake, the famous Austria Apple Strudel, Kaiserschmarrn and Mozartkugeln.

Written by PlacesofJuma

Learn how to make Apple Strudel & Salzburger Nockerl in Austria.


The Best Food In The World By Country - Greece

For most of my adult life, I’ve embraced a Mediterranean diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and seafood. So when I had the chance to visit Greece, one of the European countries whose traditional cuisine embraces locally-sourced seasonal foods, I was in food heaven!

Greek cuisine includes vine-ripened tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers topped with tangy feta cheese, thick yogurt piled high with fresh berries, and mouthwatering fish and seafood pulled from the sea that morning. And if that’s not enough, there’s always a slice of flaky honey-drenched baklava for dessert! 

Yes, I love the beautiful coast, rich history, and amazing architecture of Greece, but I’d go back in a heartbeat just to eat the food!

Written by Sage Scott, from Everyday Wanderer

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The Best Food In The Americas

The Best Food In The World By Country - the best food in the Americas


The Best Food In The World By Country - Brazil

Brazil is high on my list of places that I would love to take my family, for several reasons, not the least of which is the incredible food!

Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? If so, you might be familiar with the Brazilian churrasco, or barbeque. This is a style of eating where large quantities of meat are grilled at once and served until the feasters are stuffed. This practice originated in Southern Brazil from a time when the nomadic peoples had no way to preserve meats, and went all out after butchering livestock.

While delicious grilled meat might be synonymous with Brazilian cuisine for a lot of people, there are many other foods from Brazil that I have tried at home, and would love to visit the country to try authentically.

Pão de queijo, or cheesy bread, is unlike any other cheesy bread that you’ve had. This gluten-free treat is a soft, squishy ball of perfection.

Açaí berries, popular in the US as a health food, are a staple of the region, and can be found sold as a delicious snack or mixed into smoothies.

Written by Dani Ward, from Diapers in Paradise

Attend a cooking class or join a food tour to explore more of Brazil’s best cuisine.


The Best Food In The World By Country - Colombia

A country that I want to visit not only for its culture & natural wonders but also for its food scene is Colombia. While Colombian cuisine is not as popular as many other cuisines, it is surely gaining a lot of attention. It has influences of Spanish and African cuisines and even within the country, the food served in different regions varies dependant on the local produce.

Some of the Colombian foods that I want to try are – the Arepa (a kind of bread made from fresh cornmeal and topped with butter, cheese and/or veggies), Ajiaco Negro (a hearty Colombian vegetable soup), Torta de Plátano Maduro (a Plantain cake), Buñuelos (fried dough balls that are both sweet and savoury) and Patacones (fried green Plantain). As you might have noticed all these are vegetarian dishes but Colombia caters well to meat-eaters as well.

If you are a foodie traveller, Colombia would be a great destination to try out new flavours and food.

Written by Deeptha, from The Globe Trotter

Tour Colombia to create a fabulous food memory for yourself.

Which country would you travel to, just to eat the amazing food?

We’d love you to leave a comment and tell us where you would travel to in the world, just to eat the amazing local cuisine.