Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Esky Australia

Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Esky Australia

February 4, 2024 0 By travelfromaustralia

When it comes to camping or heading off to the beach, out for a picnic or maybe round to a mates place for good old Aussie BBQ, there really is one very essential item – an esky! There are so many on the market these days, that it is really hard to know which product to go for, to get the best esky Australia has on offer.

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The term “esky” is unique to Australia and is in fact a brand in itself. As you probably already know, an esky refers to an ice box or portable cooler. As we do so well in Australia, we’ve taken “esky” and made it our own and it has become an iconic item that 99% of households own.

Whether you are looking for a great esky cooler, one of the best ice boxes Australia has to offer, an esky trolley or boat esky, or you simply want the coolest esky available, this ultimate guide and esky reviews will help you decide which is the best esky for your needs.

The Esky is a portable box which is used to keep food and drinks cool when away from your home. They are great to take on a family picnic to keep cold meat fresh, store your cheese platter, keep your beer and wine chilled, or perhaps store your freshly caught fish on a boating trip.

Best Esky Australia

Comparison Table

This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.

ProductKey FeaturesCost
**Evakool Ice BoxOur pick – ice box! Designed for Australian conditions, fibreglass, store ice for up to 15 days range of sizes – 47L, 60L, 85L long, 85L 110L, 125L, 140L.Check price!
Hap Tim Soft Cooler30L, leak proof, sturdy and good structure.Check price!
Coleman Soft EskyHolds 12 cans, soft outer, good structure, handle.Check price!
Techni Ice Classic Hybrid Ice BoxSolid, easy water release and quick drain, 12kg, rope handles.Check price!
Titan Deep Freeze Rolling CoolerCollapsible, carries 45.3kg, storage, removable cooler, robust, on wheels, water resistant.Check price!
Coleman CoolerHeavy duty wheels, holds 47L, solid shell, cup holders on lid, hinge lid with secure seal.Check price!
Under Armour Soft CoolerCrush resistant, easy to clean, maintains internal temperature, 12 cans, rubber handle and shoulder strap.Check price!

What are the key features of an Esky cooler (or Ice Box)?

When choosing your next esky, be sure to keep these considerations in mind:


The sole reason people buy an esky is to move food/drinks while they are cold or to keep things cold. Regardless of whether you are looking for the best esky for camping, taking it to the beach or simply for a casual BBQ around the corner at a friends house, portability is one of the most important features.

An esky on wheels, or an ‘esky trolley’ is a great feature that can’t be ignored when making your selection. Consider the terrain your esky will travel on. Will it go off road, or stay on a sealed path? Do you plan to take it to the beach, or will it only travel on grass? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the style, make and size of the wheels.

Alternatively, you might be looking for something smaller that you can carry comfortably to one side, or even look at an esky bag option. Either way, if you plan to carry your esky, you will definitely want to consider what a full esky would be like to carry in terms of the weight as well as how awkward it might be to the side of your body.

Be sure to look at the size, shape and grip on handles too. If you are tall and looking at an esky trolley, you may also need to consider the length of the handle extension.


A feature that is not necessarily a priority for everyone, but perhaps more of an added bonus, is whether your esky can lock, for those occasions when you move away from your belongings.

Imagine a day at the beach, with the water and the weather irresistible and you want to go in for a swim. You can leave your valuables and cold items safely secured in your Esky while you enjoy the waves. Alternatively, if you are out camping and wander off for a hike, it is comforting to know that your food and drinks will all still be there upon your return.

Another great bonus of getting yourself a lockable Esky is that it keeps it firmly closed reducing any chance of cool air escaping or warm air getting in. It also prevents any leakages or spills if there is in fact an unfortunate ‘knocking over’ situation or fall in a moving car.


Nobody really enjoys cleaning, particularly at the end of a camping trip or after a great picnic or outing with friends. So, ensuring your get yourself an esky cooler that is easy to clean, really is well worth while. Some have a plug at the bottom or a tap for drainage, which allows for easy cleaning. This is particularly important when you buy a larger esky which is difficult to fit under a tap or in a basin to clean properly.


Another key feature to look at is functionality. Is it the best esky for your needs and does your esky cooler fit all the things in it that you need?

Do you want different compartments or are you happy with a big open storage area? Would you be better getting yourself an esky bag and/or an esky water bottle if you are only needing something to store water and some snacks for a one or two people who are going out on a hike? Or perhaps you are looking forward to a romantic seaside picnic and you simply need to throw in a bottle of wine – in this case, a soft esky might be the way to go.

Best Esky Reviews

Evakool Ice Box

If you are after an ice box over an esky, you cannot go past the Evakool Ice Box. This fibreglass ice box is known for its durability, quality fixtures, portability and ability to store ice for up to 15 days, this is a real winner. It comes in a range of sizes – 47L, 60L, 85L long, 85L 110L, 125L, 140L.

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Hap Tim Soft Cooler Bag

The Hap Tim Cooler Bag carries 40 cans and has waterproof fabric and is leak proof. It has an insulated wrapped hard board base holds its shape well and does not sag when placed down or being carried. Ideal for a day trip, picnic, beach trip or short walk.

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Coleman Soft Esky

Ideal for your next day trip, the Coleman soft esky is a great option for a quick day trip or outing. It has a removable hard inner which makes it easy for cleaning and has pockets for storage.

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Techni Ice Classic Hybrid Ice Box

The Techni Ice Box is one of the best ice boxes Australia has on offer. It is robust, sturdy, easy to carry with it’s rope handles and has easy release water and quick drain access meaning there is no need to pick it up to empty. If you’re looking for a boat esky or the best esky for camping, this is a great choice.

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Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler

Our pick! This versatile esky is fantastic for all occasions and it also looks great! On wheels for easy movability, great storage, removal of the cooler as required, Outer Rhino Tech layer which is water and stain resistant. The Rolling Cooler is an outstanding esky trolley and can carry a mammoth 43.5kg.

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Coleman Esky Cooler

The Coleman Esky Cooler is one of the most popular esky coolers you’ll find and arguably one of the best esky’s Australia has to offer. It is robust, has heavy duty wheels, holds 47L, has a secure lid on hinges and fashionably has cup holders on top of the lid.

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Under Armour Soft Cooler

The Under Armour soft cooler not only looks stylish, it is a practical cooler bag to take on your next day trip, picnic, hike or to the beach. With outside pockets for storage, external zippers and the ability to maintain internal temperature, this soft cooler is a great choice.

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