The Best Way To Day Tour In Langkawi

The Best Way To Day Tour In Langkawi

December 27, 2023 Off By travelfromaustralia

Let’s face it, sometimes pre-programmed tours don’t always tick the boxes, do they? In some countries (some more than others), it is well worth hiring a driver and car for the day to create your own day tour, and we think Langkawi Island is one of those places! The best day tour in Langkawi is one you design yourself!

Day tour Langkawi island

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Although tours can often be cheaper, on Langkawi, we were able to do exactly this for 250MYR (approximately $80 AUD)! We had a lovely driver named Abd, a comfortable and air-conditioned car from Langkawi Tour and Transport take us to the places we wanted to go for eight hours.

Plan your own day tour in Langkawi island

Here are the three reasons why it is such a great idea to plan your own day tour in Langkawi!

1. You can choose the places you visit in Langkawi

Often, tours take you to the most popular tourist locations, but they are not always the (only) ones you go to. You can do your own research and map out the day you want based on the places you want to go.

We wanted to spend the day swimming at waterfalls and beaches so that’s exactly what we did!

2. You can change your itinerary as you go!

If you arrive somewhere and love it, you can adjust the amount of time you allocated and stay longer. Alternatively, if you arrive somewhere and don’t like it, you can move on more quickly.

You can cancel places completely as you go and add others in as you see fit!

3. You can tailor the day tour to meet the needs of everyone in the group!

Travelling in a group, whether it’s family or friends, everyone often has different needs and interests. Planning a private tour allows your day to be so everyone in the group is comfortable and happy.

For us, doing a land-based beach tour meant that there was no ocean travel, which was a better idea for one of our children; we chose a restaurant for lunch ahead of time where we knew everyone would happily find something to eat; we planned our tour to include some walking but not too much (and a great reward at the end of the steep climb) to reduce the physical challenge in the humidity.

Organised land-based Langkawi Island tours

If you are still not convinced, then never fear! Langkawi is full of touring companies that would love to take you out for the day at their recommendations! You can book organised private or group tours and both are great options for different reasons! Here are a few that may be of interest:

Car hire in Langkawi for independent island tour

Hiring a car in Langkawi is very common for tourists and said to be an easy enough place to drive in Malaysia. In fact, upon arrival at Langkawi International Airport, you are likely to be approached by a number of companies trying to rent you a car.

If you want to pre-book car rental in Langkawi to do your own independent island tour, you could try these avenues: