Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Cart Australia

Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Cart Australia

Best Beach Cart Australia & Beach Cart Reviews

Q. What could be better than a day at the beach?

A. A day at the beach when you have brought everything you need in the best beach cart Australia has to offer.

If you have never used a beach cart (or beach trolley) you may be forgiven for thinking I’m being dramatic. But I’m not. Whether you opt for a folding beach trolley, a beach wagon, or even a fishing cart you will soon understand why this piece of beach gear is a total game changer.

Just take a minute to think of all the things that you need when you go to the beach; beach tent, towels, beach umbrella, beach chairs, esky, sunscreen, hats, sports or fishing gear. If you have kids you can pretty much add another 20 things to that list, toys, games, sports gear, spare clothes, baby wipes, endless snacks…the list goes on and on.

In this guide to the best beach cart Australia has to offer, you’ll get an overview of types of beach trolleys available, their features and most importantly which is the best beach cart for you and your family.

Best Beach Trolley Australia has to offer.

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Beach Cart Australia Comparison Table

Beach Cart Product NameKey FeaturesCost
The Outdoor Connection Off Road Hauler Gear Cartfoldable cart, large wheels, 80kg capacityCheck price!
Monarch Giant Wooden Pull Along Wagonkids pull along wagon, 86cm lengthCheck price!
Beach Cart with Roofbig wheels, esky attached, 120kg capacityCheck price!
Mac Sports Collapsible Wagoncup holders, carry caseCheck price!
Foldable Beach Trolley Cartsmaller in this range, 50kg capacityCheck price!
Beach Cart with Esky Coverall terrain wheels, insulated and leak resistantCheck price!
Mac Sports Collapsible Wagondrink holders; folding tableCheck price!
Mac Sports All Terrain Beach Cartheavy duty, collapsibleCheck price!
Sea Striker Deluxe Fishing Cartpneumatic wheels, with brakesCheck price!
Pandady, Canopy Collapsible Beach Cartmesh pockets, cover to protect from sun, large rear wheelsCheck price!

Types Of Beach Cart & Key Features

Once you buy and start using your beach cart you will find that a cart (or trolley) is not just a beach trolley but has dozens of uses for loads of different places.

Some people use them instead of strollers and have found them especially good for holidays even using them at the airport (they can usually be checked in like a pushchair or stroller but check with your airline). They are great for holidays a bit closer to home; they make camping a breeze as you can cart a lot of your camping or beach gear about so easily and the kids love being towed about. If you are a festival or music concert goer, these beach trolleys are also fantastic for that.

Depending on the use you want from your beach cart and how you will be transporting it, there will different things you need to think about. Probably the biggest difference between the carts featured in this review of best beach carts Australia offers is whether or not they are foldable beach trolleys.

If you have a ute or similar and plenty of room at home this is not so much of an issue. But if you are going to need to transport or store your cart on wheels in a limited space, buying foldable or collapsible beach trolleys are going to be the way to go.

The wheels are important too, if you are worried about stability versus the contents of your beach cart getting jiggled about then you might want to make sure you can lock the front wheels. It is generally considered that larger, wider and/or softer wheels are better on sand but your choice will need to factor in the other places and uses you intend to get from your beach wagon.

Some of the carts featured have a roof which can help provide a small amount of shelter from the sun, for some of your most precious possessions; this could be your kids, pets or perhaps your esky. Others have excellent little extras like drinks holders, built in esky’s or tables. If you opt for these extras, you will be upgrading from a good beach trolley to the best beach cart.

Of course one of the biggest factors is its size. Your chosen beach trolley needs to fit all of your beach gear in, in one trip. This is the whole point of your beach cart, after all, so check the dimensions of your esky or whatever else you are going be transporting in the best beach trolley Australia offers.

Beach Cart Australia Reviews

The Outdoor Connection Off Road Hauler Gear Cart

You can easily pack everything you need in this extra large durable folding beach trolley. Its strength is demonstrated by the weight capacity; a massive 80kg. Despite this, it folds up into an easily transportable and store-able size and comes with a carry case. The wheels are both large and wide and the handle is strong and long making it easy to pull even on soft sand. The front wheels are lockable so your beach gear (or the kids) don’t get too bumped about when the going gets rough.

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Monarch Giant Wooden Pull Along Wagon

This wooden beach wagon for kids is stylish and practical. Its retro style makes possibly the coolest beach wagon Australia has to offer. The removable wooden sides are more comfortable for little ones than metal and have a protective finish keeping them splinter free. At 86cm long, you can easily get everything into it that you need for a day at the beach and the large (8inch) wheels give great manoeuvrability.

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Beach Cart With Roof

Featuring chunky wheels that rotate through 360 degrees and are great for any surface. With no assembly required this collapsible beach trolley is easy to use and to store. This model even comes with its own attached esky making drinks and snacks easily accessible, very handy for permanently hungry kids as well as keeping them cool and fresh. This is the best beach cart featured here if weight capacity is a priority as it can hold a huge 120kg.

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Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

At just over 10kg this collapsible beach trolley is extremely easy to transport and store. It folds to 75 x 50 x 20cm and packs up into a carry case for added convenience.

With no assembly required you are good to go. It really couldn’t be easier to just load up your beach gear, including popping your drinks into the handy mesh cup holders, with this foldable beach trolley.

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Foldable Beach Trolley Cart

One of the smaller collapsible beach trolleys in this selection which folds to an easily manageable and storable size. But still has plenty of storage space for your beach equipment at 80x52x56cm. If you are looking for a folding beach cart which won’t fill up with sand this one has the added feature of a mesh pocket to help with this.

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Beach Cart with Esky Cover

If you are looking for a beach trolley that doubles as an esky on wheels then this is about as close to perfection as you can get. The storage compartments are both liquid resistant and insulated. Low to the ground and with wide, all terrain wheels this folding beach wagon won’t tip over easily whatever the ground is like.  

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Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

The only folding beach cart featured in this selection of the best beach wagon reviews which features a folding table and drinks holders, perfect for keeping your drinks and snacks both upright and sand free. With an easy to set up and take down mechanism, no assembly required and plenty of room for all your beach stuff this foldable beach trolley is super convenient. Heavy duty materials and wheels make it strong, durable and easy to pull on any surface. 

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Mac Sports All Terrain Beach Cart

If you are looking for a beach wagon with big wheels then you have just found the best beach cart for you. Just a look at these wheels will give you the confidence that this beach trolley will manage any terrain with ease. This does mean that it is a little on the heavy side and folds up (albeit very easily) to a larger size than many other trolleys in this selection. But with weight comes great strength and durability. 

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Sea Striker Deluxe Fishing Cart

Large, pneumatic wheels make this beach fishing cart a breeze to pull even on the softest sand. The handle doubles as a brake ensuring your beach trolley and all your beach gear won’t roll away. It is strong and sturdy making heavy at around 14kg. It is easy to assemble with the provided tools and users recommend tightening screws with a power driver or similar. Using a wingnut on the handle has also been suggested to enable you to remove the handle quickly and easily for transport in the car. 

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Pandady, Canopy Collapsible Beach Cart

This large collapsible beach trolley has some unique features that could make it the best beach cart Australia can offer you. With a choice of a push handle, like that of a stroller, or a pull handle at the front this beach trolley offers maximum versatility. With a maximum weight capacity of over 100kg, the option to have two people moving is very handy.

It features foam filled, large back wheels with smaller ones on the front which rotate through 360 degrees for easy manoeuvrability on difficult terrain. A brake, again like a stroller brake, stops your children and beach stuff rolling away. Mesh pockets allow for easy access to drinks and snacks and a cover adds some protection from the sun. 

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.