Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Bags Australia

Ultimate Guide To The Best Beach Bags Australia

April 27, 2024 0 By travelfromaustralia

Whether you’re taking a quick dip in the ocean or trekking out for a full day in the sand, a beach bag will make for a better day at the beach. For visiting the gorgeous beaches in Australia, beach bags are a must. A travel bag is the perfect place to stash your towel, bathing suit and sunscreen, and allows you to easily carry your belongings to and from the beach.

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Looking for the best beach bags on the market in Australia? Bags have all sorts of different features, and it’s important to find one that fits your needs. Look no further — we’ve got a rundown of the top beach tote bags Australia has to offer and more. 

There are all sorts of swimming bags available. This article gives you the ultimate guide to finding the best beach bags Australia has. If you’re short on time, check out the comparison table for a quick review of the features of each bag. If you want the full rundown of all the different bags for sale and images, then read through to the reviews below. Let us help you find the best bags to go with your lifestyle.

Best Beach Bags Australia

Comparison Table Of The Best Beach Bags Australia

Product NameKey FeaturesCost
Large Beach Bagcanvas, large, pocketsCheck price!
Beach Tote Bagcanvas, tote, zip, inner pockets, water resistantCheck price!
Tote Bagcanvas, tote, waterproof, rope handleCheck price!
Red Suricata Beach Bagfamily size large, mesh, pockets/pouches, padded handleCheck price!
Large Beach Tote Bagfamily size, mesh, shoulder length handle, pockets and zippered pouchCheck price!
Oversized Beach Bagmesh, family size, versatile, pockets Check price!
XXL Beach BagPVC case for phone and wallet, bottle opener, waterproof, key ring, rope handlesCheck price!
Beach Bag – Extra Largemesh, insulated cooler, pockets, padded shoulder strapCheck price!
Beach Bag Tote with Coolertwo towels, extra large, removable insulated bagCheck price!
Red Suricata Beach Bag Coolermesh, insulated, sits upright, leak proof cooler, waterproof pocket, ice packsCheck price!
Womens Beach Totelightweight, functional, cute, compact to store, waterproofCheck price!
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Types Of Beach Bags & Key Features

The material is the first thing to think about when buying beach bags online. If you’re concerned about keeping your belongings safe and dry, go with a waterproof beach bag. Australia is home to some beautiful beaches, and you don’t want to worry about your valuables while you’re out enjoying the waves. As an added bonus, waterproof beach bags are also easy to clean — no need to worry about being covered in sand!

Another option is a woven or crocheted design. While woven beach bags won’t keep your belongings dry, but they are super stylish and fun. If you’re worried about keeping your electronics dry, you can get a mini waterproof bag to put inside. Some summer bags even come with their own small waterproof pouch to keep your valuables safe.

If you’re looking for an ultra-functional bag, go for a mesh beach bag. Australia has some great sandy beaches, and you can be sure that all of your belongings will get covered in sand. The beauty of a mesh beach bag is that sand will fall out through the netting, before it gets a chance to fall out all over the floor of your car.

Mesh tote bags also allow your bathing suits and towels to dry. If you want to avoid the dreaded smell of mildew-y towels, stash your wet towels in a mesh bag to help them dry on the way home.

Another thing to think about is size. If you’re planning to go on beach trips with the whole family, go for a big beach bag that will hold all of your belongings. If you’re looking for large beach bags, keep an eye out for padded handles and shoulder straps to make the bag easier to carry.

It’s easy for a beach bag to become disorganised. To avoid feeling like Mary Poppins, look for a bag with different pockets and compartments. With a well organised beach bag, you’ll be able to find your sunscreen in no time.

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold drink on a hot day. If you plan to bring food and drinks along with you to the beach, it’s a good idea to look into cooler bags. Some beach bags have removable cooler compartments, and others come with their very own ice packs to keep your refreshments nice and cool.

When looking for a beach bag, you can’t deny the importance of style. Some beach bags have a sporty and functional style, complete with zippered pockets and mesh panels. Other beach bags look more like stylish totes. If you’re looking for a bag that you can take with you directly from the office to the sand, look for a stylish tote-style beach bag. There are all sorts of designer beach bags available for you to choose from.

best beach bag Australia

Best Beach Bags Australia Reviews

There are many different beach bags for sale, and the options can easily get overwhelming. The reviews below will help you find the best summer bags to suit your lifestyle.


Large Beach Bag

For a cute and functional option, look no further than this large beach bag. Australia-designed and nautical inspired, it will easily take you from the beach to town. This canvas bag’s thick material will keep your belongings safe and dry all day long. Its six pockets will keep you organized, and the top zipper prevents anything from spilling out. As an added bonus, this bag comes with a removable pineapple tag that can double as a luggage tag.

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Beach Tote Bag

This sleek bag looks more like a professional tote than a traditional beach bag. But don’t be fooled — despite its ultra-chic appearance, it has all the features of a great beach bag. Made from a water resistant outer lining, this beach bag tote is durable and water resistant. This beach bag with zip also has inner pockets to keep your belongings safe and organized.

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Tote Bag

This nautical inspired bag is both stylish and functional. With navy and white stripes and a rope handle, this beach tote’s the perfect accessory for a day by the waves. It’s made of waterproof material both on the inside and the outside. The outer canvas material dries quickly, making it perfect for a day at the beach.

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Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag

With this large and ultra-functional family beach bag, you can fit everything you need for a day in the sun. The seven pouches will keep your sun lotion, water bottles and snacks all organized. This bag also has a water resistant inner pocket to keep your electronics and valuables safe. 

While this bag is large, it’s still comfortable. Padded carrying handles and a long shoulder strap make it easy to carry with you.

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Large Mesh Beach Tote Bag

This lightweight tote bag is strong and durable. It has eight pockets, plus one internal zippered pouch for your phone and keys. The mesh fabric lets sand fall through and allows towels to dry quickly, and the long shoulder strap makes for easy carrying.

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Mesh Beach Bag, Oversized

This oversized mesh tote bag has eight pockets to keep you organized. It can be cleaned easily and dries quickly. It comes with a storage bag and folds easily up to allow for compact storage while not in use.

This bag is large enough to fit everything that your family needs for a whole day at the beach. It’s perfect as either a women’s or men’s beach bag. And, it’s versatile — one reviewer said that this bag is perfect for grocery shopping.

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XXL Beach Bag

If you’re taking a beach trip with your whole family, it makes sense to seek out extra large beach bags. Australia is home to some beautiful beaches that you’ll want to spend the whole day at, so make sure that you have all of your essentials within arm’s reach. 

This bag is waterproof, and has an internal PVC case to keep your phone safe and dry. It’s also ultra-handy, with a built in keyring and bottle opener. The rope handles and white and navy pattern give this extra large bag a nautical flair.

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Mesh Beach Bag – Extra Large

For a super functional beach bag with all the bells and whistles, look no further than this mesh bag. It’s big enough to hold four to six rolled up towels, and has eight large exterior pockets.

This bag also has an insulated cooler compartment so that you can take refreshments with you. The sturdy padded shoulder strap will keep your hands free while you enjoy your day in the sun.

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Beach Bag Tote Set with Removable Insulated Cooler

This multipurpose tote bag is big enough to keep all of your beach essentials on-hand. Store drinks and snacks in the removable insulated cooler bag to keep them fresh all day long. This bag also comes with two microfibre quick dry towels that can be rolled up and clipped to the side of the bag. With tons of storage space and all the pockets you need, this bag is perfect for a family trip to the beach.

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Red Suricata Mesh Beach Bag Cooler

This mesh cooler bag will keep your drinks cool all day long. It sits upright to keep your drinks from spilling, and has a leak-proof cooler to keep everything nice and dry. This bag also comes with four slim ice packs that are designed to fit perfectly within the bag. 

This bag also has a large top section with enough room for three or four beach towels, and any other beach essentials. The waterproof pocket will keep your valuables safe and secure all day. This cool bag’s a great choice for a picnic at the beach.

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Womens Beach Tote

This bag is soft and lightweight, and can easily be packed down for compact storage. Choose from four different bright patterns, ranging from bright green pineapples to psychedelic rainbow tie dye. 

This bag is equal parts cute and functional, It has a separate compartment designed for wet towels and dirty bathing suits. The material is lightweight and waterproof, and can be cleaned easily.

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